I have a voice!

The Untold Story

Three, she was, that’s the age,

Of one little girl’s mom, whose life was taken away.

That night she wouldn’t know

Of the pain and sorrow she would slowly grow.

It was the fault of a man

A man with a terrible plan,

To pull the trigger

To make a hole bigger

In the heart of a family, and of a girl,

She was only three.

She’d miss her much, so very much

She would never get to see her wonderful mom again.

Only in pictures, and in her dreams

But those are never as they seem.

She’d try and try to wish her back

But she could never seem to get on the right track

Her hugs, that’s what she’d miss the most

Now her mom was just an angel, a ghost

She loved her grandma and grandpa,

But now she called them mom and dad

Though eventually she’d moved on

The pain in her heart had never gone

She loved her grandparents all the same

And she would never be ashamed

With the help of her family she had written a new page,

A new chapter, a new story in the book of life, despite her age.

By this time she was twelve, not very old

She knew the rest of her family had a heart of gold

For taking her in, but they replied That’s what families do,

They stick together, no matter who

They loved each other all the same

And they all shared the same blame

The blame on the man who had made the journey harder for them

And so they very much disliked him

And now I’m through with this story,

This story of tragedy and hardship

But I should tell you this story does have a good end

The family lives happily ever after, the end

But before you go, now I should inform you who that little girl was

She was only three,

But that girl was me.

Written by: Taylar G

October 5, 2009

(Michelle’s Daughter)


Written the same time on the same day as “The Untold Story” -did not know at the time.

Something very special is happening.


To See Your Face

I can’t see your face,

Because, I don’t know your name.

I am with you,

Because, I know your pain.

See, I have not seen your face,

But I know your soul.

When you are ready

Set Free

Your Story Told.

I make out your words,

But cannot see your face,

It doesn’t matter

You’re not alone

You hold a special place.


MD 10/5/09