Let’s End the Cycle, Together

Let’s End the Cycle, Together

Domestic violence is much more than physical abuse.

It includes emotional abuse, financial abuse, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, threats of violence and revenge, property damage, harming pets, spiritual abuse, stalking, digital and cyber bullying. Relationship violence is an abuse of the intimate, trusting, and safe relationship that turns to power & control over another in a relationship.

Domestic violence and serious injury to women.

Domestic violence is a leading cause of serious injury to women, more common than rape, muggings, and car crashes.  Many go left unreported. Domestic violence victims are more than just statistics. They are your co-workers, neighbors, friends, or family.  They have names:  Michelle, Alex, Renee, Nicole. Children are often the silent victims witnessing and experiencing the darkest edges of domestic violence. Victims are not just the ones abused, others including children, suffer from the affects of domestic violence in their lives.

A lack of understanding.

A lack of understanding is one of the greatest obstacles in ending a cycle of domestic violence in a life or in a family environment. Wild Heart will enhance community efforts to help end the cycle of domestic violence. Community outreach programs, a speakers bureau of survivors, fund raising, and working with existing area programs will “shatter the silence” of an ever growing societal tragedy – domestic violence.